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Crystal Ball

I have been involved in healing for the past 30ish years within my work involving trauma in children and adults. I studied how trauma impacts the brain before birth and the impacts that it has on our bodies.

As a foster mummy and adoptive mummy I have constantly searched for a connection to unblock and balance the journey to healing...

I have found it within Reiki.

A bit about my journey

Dandelion Parachute Seed

There are many healing journeys that my clients ask me to help them with.

I myself have been on my own healing journey.

In December 1999 we sadly had to discover what it was like to continue our lives without our precious Leonie physically by our sides, It was a journey full of, on my part, self sabotage and sadness. I found myself in some very dark places, however in these times I always somehow felt her presence around me and that gave me the strength to keep breathing.

That's the shortened gist of my journey...

In April 2022 we moved to Northamptonshire to be near our Son and grandchildren. I'm not sure really how this move manifested, as we had lived in our previous house for 31 years! It was a house that held many memories for us, happy and sad. One day I just decided that I needed to be somewhere else.

Whilst i was looking at  prospective houses( I say I, because my husband was adamant he was not moving anywhere!) I found this interesting little Wellbeing shop in Burton Latimer....I kept somehow going back to it ,so continued my search around Burton and Kettering.

Once we had moved, I booked in for my first Reiki experience.

This was where my journey with Reiki began...

As I stepped into the shop, I felt I was home(if that makes sense) Su, the lady who owned the shop just hugged me, and I felt we had met somewhere, sometime before! 

From here on I learnt how to take   control of my own healing by understanding how powerful my mind and body really was. I accepted my healing journey was part of my lessons of humanity. How I should live, love and give....

I believe my healing journey has changed. I will always carry memories and emotions linked to these times, but I can now acknowledge, ,accept.. let go...and finally I truly

believe I have found peace......

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